Panda Happy Swing Ride

Capacity Area Size Running Height Voltage Power Warranty
24People 9.6mL*8.7mW*5mH 1.6m 380V 8KW 12Months

Dinis Panda Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale
Our Workers Are Riding Panda Happy Swing Amusement Equipment

Panda happy swing ride is a new arrival product of our company. This entertainment equipment appeals to kids and adults alike due to its beautiful design, bright color, moderate motion, and large capacity. Here are the details on the product for your reference.

Features of panda swing happy attraction

This kiddie swing ride is full of decorative elements that suggest a panda-themed design. On the one hand, panda happy swings feature a brightly green and brown color scheme, indicating the life environment of pandas. The frame of the equipment also looks like fresh bamboo, pandas’ favorite food. On the other hand, in the center of the beam, there is a panda signboard. Additionally, you can see four adorable FRP pandas sitting on the top of the beam.

As the panda happy swing ride is in operation, Led lights on the equipment will shine. It looks like the light emanating from the inside of the swing ride, which makes the machine nice and eye-catching.

Another unique feature of our panda happy swing carnival ride is that this amusement attraction has two cabins. Two circular swing seats are connected to the end of the rotating arms and are suspended under the horizontal beam. As the machine is operating, the cabins will swing back and forth, like a pendulum swing ride. But it’s worth mentioning that the two cabins won’t swing in the same direction. In other words, as one cabin swings forward, the other one swings backward.

Is this kiddie swing amusement equipment also suitable for adults?

Yes, it is! Although we design the panda swing happy attraction for children, adults within 75kg are also able to enjoy the game. We equip the kiddie ride with double safety measures. One is a locking lap bar and the other is a seat belt. Actually a lap bar is enough to protect passenger’ safety. Because people can’t leave their seats unless the equipment is completely stopped and the mechanical lap bar is raised. But we still equip seat belts on a happy swing ride. These seat belts are for children, not fit for adults.

Difference between a panda happy swing ride and a top spin ride

Dinis amusement ride manufacturer is only only a kiddie ride manufacturer but also a thrill ride manufacturer. Both a panda kiddie swing amusement ride and a thrilling space loop ride are available to our company. The two carnival rides look structurally similar but they have different operations.

Thrilling suspended top spin

Top spin rides fall into amusement park thrill rides, popular with adults and youngsters. Its back-to-back cabin can do circular motion with the rotating arms. In the meantime, cabin itself can rotate 360 degrees by inertia.

Dinis Panda Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale

Family-friendly panda happy swings

Panda happy swing has a moderate operation. Its cabin simply swings back and forth with the rotating arms, and can not rotate itself. Additionally, the highest point that passengers can reach is 1.6 meters, much lower than a top spin ride.

Theme Park Thrilling Top Spin Ride for Sale

Though a panda kiddie swing ride is not as thrilling as a top spin carnival ride, its gradually increasing swing amplitude and the continuous pendulum movements can give passengers an experience of riding a swinging ship ride.

Is the panda swing amusement ride profitable?

Yes, certainly it is! As you know a panda happy swing ride has two cabins. Each cabin has two rows of seats, capable of carrying 12 people. That means our panda happy swing entertainment attraction can carry 24 people at a time. Such a capacity is comparable to a 24-seat pirate ship ride for sale. At the same time, panda happy swings have a smaller area size than those large ship ride. To sum up, Panda Happy Swing for Sale is profitable and worth investing in.

Panda Happy Swing Video