Ocean Carousel

Customized Service Capacity Material Light Warranty Target Player
Acceptable 3-24 FRP+Steel LED 1 Year All People

Ocean carousel is a new version carousel ride for sale. Different from traditional horse carousel ride, the passenger seats of the equipment are in design of marine life, such as seahorse, dolphin, whale, fish, shark, seal, sea lion, cray, crab, etc. People of all ages can sit on the carousel animals and enjoy the moment along with beautiful music. Additionally, these sea life animals can make up of different sizes of sea carousels. At our company, a sea roundabout carousel ride is available to a capacity of 3/6/12//16/24 people. And the capacity is customizable. By and large, the bigger the capacity is, the more luxury the carousel ride is.

When the merry go round amusement equipment is in operation, the turntable rotates and the sea animal carousel seats go up and down constantly. Passengers can feel as if they are traveling through the sea world.

Advantages of our ocean carousel ride for sale

  1. High quality: On the one hand, we use high quality materials such as fiber reinforced plastics and national standard Q235 steel to produce a sea carousel ride. On the other hand, we spray FRP molds with professional automobile paint. The quality materials make our roundabout amusement facility bright in color, colorfast and durable enough to withstand the elements.
  2. Safe for passengers: A carousel ride is a romantic mechanical ride. It won’t rotate at a fast speed. So children can even ride a carousel alone. And if the kids are so young, parents can sit on the ride with their kids. Besides, the speed is adjustable. You can adjust the speed by the control cabinet.
  3. Color lights and beautiful music: Our sea carousel is equipped with colorful LED lights and music system. Passengers can better enjoy the moment with the beautiful music, especially at night with LED lights flashing.