Challenger Bumper Car

Capacity Battery Column 3 Material Warranty Customzied Service
2 People 12V/80A/2PCS Column 3 Value FRP+Steel+Rubber 1 Year Acceptable

Challenger Battery Bumper Car with Rubber Anti-collision Ring
Family-friendly Inflatable Bumper Car for Sale

No rules. No limits. This is the charm of bumper car. Bumper car is one of the most popular amusement rides among the public. People of all ages can enjoy the thrill of collision. To give players a new experience, we designed a new type of dodgem, the Challenger Bumper Car. It is a type of battery bumper car, but different from the usual shoe-shaped bumper cars. In terms of the appearance, a challenger amusement bumper car looks like a UFO, similar to an ice rink bumper car.

Additionally, the challenger dodgem is also a type of inflatable bumper car. But there is something different between the two types of inflatable bumper cars for sale (challenger bumper car, ice bumper car ride). The FRP car body of a “challenger” is surrounded by an anti-collision ring, which is made of rubber. While the ring of a brick ice bumper car is PVC material. Thanks to the anti-collision ring, the impact of collision decrease a lot. So riders can have a better experience.

As for the operation of the challenger battery-powered dodgen, it’s easy for riders. Passengers control the car by using a bumper car steering wheel and an accelerator pedal. Furthermore, the steering wheel can rotate 360 degrees, which makes the car flexible.

Features of our challenger bumper cars:

  • The rubber anti-collision ring is antiskid, shock-absorbent, and corrosion-resistant. More importantly, the rubber ring of our inflatable bumper car ensures the collision safer.
  • A challenger inflatable bumper car for sale can carry two people. So parents can accompany their kids to drive a dodgem. The safety belts can protect the safety of passengers better. Let them enjoy the game in a safe environment.
  • There are colorful LED lights on the car body and backrest. Lights flash when the car starts to move. As a result, it makes the car cooler and more attractive, and makes the atmosphere active.

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