16 Seats Big Pendulum

Area Size Height Voltage Power Material Customized Service
10*12m 9m 380V 14KW Steel+FRP Acceptable

Amusement Park Big Pendulum Ride at Night
Pendulum Amusement Park Ride Gyro Swing Ride for Sale

A 16 seats big pendulum carnival ride has a less capacity and smaller footprint than a 23-seat Frisbee amusement facility. But this size of big pendulum ride is also amazing and exciting for most people.

There is a circular platform (passenger gondola) fixed on the bottom end of a big suspended arm (spindle). And the electric motor drives the arm of the spinning carnival ride. When the Frisbee amusement ride is in operation, the arm begins to swing back and forth at an increasing swing angle. At the same time, the circular gondola rotates itself. Passengers sitting in the gondola can feel a great sense of centrifugal and dizziness. It thrills their heart and gets their adrenaline pumping. Additionally, during the operation of a swinging pendulum ride, visitors can experience 1-2 seconds of total weightlessness. The amazing and unforgettable sensation is the most important reason why the Frisbee ride is one of the most popular anchor attractions in amusement parks among the public. It is also the reason why people want to re-ride the hammer amusement ride.

Where do you want to install a big pendulum ride?

Actually, as long as a venue has condition to place rides, you can consider installing a 16 seats big pendulum. In recent years, more and more business people consider investing in starting an indoor amusement park business in their city. Because weather won’t affect an indoor amusement park. So park-goers can enjoy their time at all seasons. Furthermore, outdoor places, such as playgrounds, parks, carnivals, fairs, scenic spots, farms, resorts, adventure parks, theme parks, amusement parks, etc., are the most common locations to install a gyro swing ride. As long as the ground is plane, firm and smooth, you can start a business with a hammer swing ride. Contact us to get more details on the pendulum attraction! Our company can also give you advice on the selection of amusement attractions.