Elephant Train Ride

Capacity Track Size Voltage Power Warranty Customized Service
16 People φ10m 220V 2KW 1 Year Acceptable

Small Elephant Track Garden Trains for Sale in Dinis
Trackless Elephant Train Rides for Adults and Kids

Kids train ride for sale is a train category. It includes elephant train ride, Christmas train, ocean kiddie train ride, crown trackless amusement train, and so on. Thanks to the cartoon design and bright color of kiddie train rides, children especially love them. Additionally, kiddie train ride occupy a small area. As a result, it is suitable for any indoor and outdoor places. And if you put one in a shopping mall, park, family entertainment center, daycare center, of course the train will bring you a heavier foot traffic. Also you can put it in a backyard or farm, so that your kids can ride the train at any time. The following are details on the elephant kiddie train for your reference.

Description of elephant kiddie train for sale

A kiddie elephant train ride contains a locomotive cabin and three normal cabins. As for the locomotive cabin, it can carry two people. The locomotive is a cartoon elephant, which is adorable. In addition, a normal cabin is capable of carrying four people. And if needed, we can add cabins to the train to increase the capacity. Furthermore, on the top of each cabin, there is a cute animal like sika deer, tiger. And the side of a cabin is posted with cartoon animal sticker. Our company can also post your required patterns.

Features of kiddie amusement rides train

  • We have elephant trackless train and elephant train with track. Which one do you prefer? One the one hand, an electric trackless train has a flexibility. On the other hand, a train with track will not affect passers-by or be affected by them as it is in operation. Choose one according to to the actual situation.
  • There are lots of colorful LED lights on the cabins. At night, a flashing elephant train certainly will be the most special part in the venue!
  • The cabins and decorations of the elephant kiddie train are FRP molds, which is durable and firm. Besides, we spray the train molds with professional automobile paint, which is colorfast.
  • We provide customized service. Color scheme, capacity, decorations, track size and shape, and the like all are customizable. Feel free to let us know your needs.

Video of Trackless Elephant Kiddie Train Rides