Small Rides for Indoor Use in Malaysia

Now more and more business people invent in an indoor amusement park or indoor family entertainment center. Because an indoor public area will not be affected by weather, which means it can profit all year round. And as a professional amusement ride manufacturer, we have many clients who consult us with amusement rides for indoor use. Last year, we received an inquiry from Henry. He is from Malaysia and is looking for small rides (sizes within 4m High x 5m Width) for indoor use. And he wanted us to suggest any models we have for this size. To be honest, there are not many amusement equipment of this small size. But our company produce a wide variety of amusement rides for sale. So we have small rides for indoor use that can meet Henry’s needs.

ARM Recommended 7 Small Amusement Rides for Indoor Use based on Henry’s Requirements

Both a 3 horse carousel for sale and a 6-seater mini merry go round satisfy Henry’s needs. The two mini carousel horse rides are designed for the little ones in families. But the seats can hold adults, too.

It is a mini version of a self-control plane ride. With plane-shaped two-seater cabins and adorable cartoon center rocket decoration, this small ride is popular with kiddies. Besides, children can press the button to control the raising and lowering of their cabins.

A single bungee trampoline is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It covers a small footprint and is easy for dismantling. Besides, the bungee amusement equipment is safe so people of all ages can enjoy the game.

A mechanical rodeo bull is interesting and attractive. When players ride on the back of the bull, the rodeo bull machine will spin side to side, or go up and down, trying its best to throw players to the ground. It makes the inflatable bull ride challenging.

Robot has a great charm for children. This walking robot amusement ride is flexible and can rotate 360 degrees. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, the robot can move freely. Besides, the real human voice system and cool lighting effect of the robot will attract more kiddies.

Leswing happy car is powered by batteries. Charge the car for 6-8 hours and it can run continuously over 8 hours. Furthermore, the car can rotate 360 degrees and can also drive on a 30-degree slope. Both speed and timing is adjustable.

Excavator ride is suitable for adults and children alike. It is just like a real excavator. Kids can control the joysticks to operate the ride on digger ride to dig sand or plastic balls, and move around according to their will.

In addition to the above small rides for indoor use that we recommend for Henry according to his requirements, we also have other rides that are suitable for indoor use, such as amusement train ride, bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, etc. Contact us and let us know your needs so that we can give you advice.