6-seater Carousel for Sale

Diameter Height Material Speed Voltage/Power Customized Service
2.1m 2.8m FRP+Steel 0.8m/s 220V/500W Acceptable

Mini carousels for sale contains a 6-seater carousel for sale and a 3-seater merry go round. By comparison, both the two sizes of small merry go round rides are a kind of kiddie ride and are suitable for indoor & outdoor uses. Besides, a 6-seat carousel has a bigger capacity and a larger footprint than a 3-seat carousel. But even so, a mini carousel ride with 6 seats is much smaller than a double-decker merry go round, a pink animal carousel ride, a 24-seat carousel merry go round or a 36-seat roundabout ride in size. Therefore, a 6 horse carousel ride is a better choice than a large merry go round for small business and mobile business.

Coin-operated 6-seater mini merry go round ride

Our company can make a normal type mini merry go round into a coin-operated carousel if you have the need. The advantage of a coin operated ride is that it’s easy to manage the equipment. There is no need for a staff member to operate the control cabinet. Because players can use their native coin to ride the carousel. You can set the play time of the machine. When the time is up, the device will stop working. And after inserting coins, the carousel rotates again. Hence, you can place the equipment at public areas with a heavy foot traffic. Without extra fee of hiring an operator, a 6-seater carousel for sale is beneficial beyond your imagination.

What makes you to invest in a mini carousel ride for sale?

  • Low cost. Compared with a large musical carousel for amusement parks, a 6 horse musical horse carousel is much cheaper. So, if your budget is limited, consider a mini merry go round.
  • Small footprint. A mini carousel ride for sale takes a small area. So it is ideal for investors who want to put a carousel ride in a store, kindergarten, day care center, restaurant, etc.
  • Easy transportation. Feature of small size makes a mini carousel easy to be moved from one places to another. So you can use it for both mobile business and park business.