3 Horse Carousel for Sale

Diameter Height Material Speed Voltage/Power Customized Service
1.5m 2.5m FRP+Steel 0.8m/s 220V/250W Acceptable

3 Seater Mini Horse Carousel for Sale
Fiberglass Coin Operated Carousel Horse Ride for Business

3 horse carousel for sale is a compact version of a large carousel amusement park ride. It is designed for the little ones who are not brave and tall enough to ride a large carousel horse alone. So it is a kiddie ride, you can also call it a mini merry go round. This size of merry go round ride has a small capacity, but it is profitable as a large carousel merry go round. Are you interested in it? The following are details on our company‘s 3 horse carousel for your reference.

Features of mini carousel horse for sale

  • A 3 horse carousel is available to various designs and themes, such as a traditional horse carousel ride, a sea-themed merry go round, a royal roundabout ride, and so on. Contact us to get a free catalogue.
  • The material of the carousel animals and decorations are FRP. And we spray the equipment with professional automobile paint. With exquisite craftsmanship and quality materials, our mini carousel ride for sale is colorfast, durable and without any elements.
  • Although it is a mini carousel, it also has a gorgeous lighting and music system.
  • Due to the size, a 3 horse carousel for sale has a low cost. Therefore, it is a good choice if you have a limit budget.
  • It’s easy to transport a 3-seater mini merry go round thanks to its small size. Unlike a zoo carousel or a double-decker horse carousel ride, the product you receive will be a whole machine, not components. So you can start a business as long as you receive the product.

If you consider buying a gift for your kids, why not choose a 3-seat merry go round? This kind of kiddie ride is not only a commercial amusement facility that is suitable for public areas like amusement parks, carnivals, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, fairs, scenic sports, stores, squares, but also suitable for backyards, kindergartens, and residential quarters.

Video of 3-seater Mini Carousel Ride