Kangaroo Jump Ride

Capacity Arms Area Size Height Power
12 Persons 6 Ø6.5m 3m 10KW
16 Persons 8 Ø7.5m 3m 12KW


Kangaroo jump ride also known as a bouncing kangaroo ride, is one of jumping rides popular with the public. However, unlike the jump and smile adrenaline ride that is suitable for young people, adults and thrill-seekers, a happy jumping kangaroo kiddie thrill ride is more moderate and suitable for people of all ages. Besides, the adorable kangaroo design is eye-catching and vivid. Riders can leap for joy on the jumping kangaroos ride. As a result, this jumping ride is a popular attraction at a family entertainment center or a children’s amusement park. Do you want one? Here are details on the product for your reference.

Vivid design & mimicking jump

Kangaroo is the theme of this amusement ride. There is a big kangaroo FRP decoration on the top of the central bracket. Six or eight arms are attached to the bracket. Additionally, each rotating arm is connected to two kangaroo-shaped cabins. The adorable design makes passengers feel as if they are sitting in a kangaroo’s cloth bag. Therefore, as the rotating bouncing ride is in operation, riders will hop together with the kangaroo. It is really a memorable and special experience for them.

Dual safety devices

To keep riders stable on their seats, ARM, professional thrill ride manufacturer, will equip dual safety devices on each cabin, a shoulder-type restraint and a safety belt. So rest assured that players can get a thrilling experience in a very safe environment.

Price of a kangaroo jump ride

The price depends on the capacity of a jumping kangaroo ride for sale. At present, we produce two sizes of bouncing kangaroos, a 12-people kangaroo ride and a 16-people happy jumping kangaroo. The former one is cheaper than the latter one. And if you want a customized size happy jumping kangaroo, certainly it’s feasible at our company. But it will takes time and money. Feel free to tell us your needs at any time!