Drop Tower

Capacity Area Size Foundation Swing Speed Height Drive Power
16 People 81 ㎡ Fixed Foundation 7 rpm 23/32 m 66 KW

Drop tower, also known as free fall ride, rotary tower ride, is popular with young people, adults and thrill-seekers. Its popularity is comparable with other hit amusement park thrill rides such as roller coasters, pirate ship ride, pendulum ride, etc.

The movement of this sky tower ride is similar to that of other tower rides such as a flyer tower, a frog hopper carnival facility, and a samba tower amusement attraction. Hydraulic system propels the equipment. And then the fiberglass gondola of a gyro drop tower goes up and down by reducer and nitrogen pressure. In the meantime, the central tower body can also rotate around a vertical axis to bring spinning motions. Furthermore, the console of the equipment adopts PLC controller, which is easy and safe for operation. As a result, the mixed movements give riders an exciting and memorable experience of free fall in a safe environment.

Where is the best place to install a 32-m drop tower ride?

As a tall and giant carnival ride, a 32-m free fall ride needs a fixed foundation to ensure its stability. Therefore, if your business is open at a fixed location, such as an amusement park, theme park, adventure park, plaza, city park, etc., a drop tower will be a good choice. This tall amusement facility will certainly become the most special part of the park. Furthermore, it will become an internet-famous attraction and a large swarm of people will visit your business.

Drop towers at different heights for your choice

In addition to a 32-m gyro drop ride, our factory also produce drop zone rides for sale at other heights. A 13m drop tower ride for sale, a 23m sky tower free fall, a 40m sky drop, etc. Which one do you need? You can select a suitable one according to the actual situation and budget. But in general, all of them are capable of carrying 16 person.