12 Seats Medium Size Pendulum Ride

Area Size Height Voltage Power Material Customized Service
7*7m 6m 380V 16KW Steel+FRP Acceptable

Medium Size Pendulum Ride Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
Interesting Hammer Fair Ride for Children

12 seats medium size pendulum ride is a small version of a giant Frisbee ride. It is common at amusement places, especially family amusement parks and small-scale amusement parks. As a classic amusement park ride, the Frisbee ride has been popular with the public since its debut to the public. So if you want to add more fun to your park, don’t miss this exciting and fun adrenaline ride. It will also increase the foot traffic of your park.

Features of our 12 seats medium size pendulum ride

  • Ideal for kids. As you know, a 24-seat giant Frisbee ride or a 16-seat large pendulum ride is suitable for older children, young people, adults and thrill-seekers who are tall and brave enough to ride a giant Frisbee ride alone. In contrast, a 12-seat pendulum ride is ideal for kids to play. Therefore, if the target group of your park is families with children, why not consider investing in a medium size pendulum discovery ride?
  • Suitable for indoor use. For most of indoor venues such as shopping malls, there is a storey height. In that case, large fair rides are not suitable for these places. For this medium size hammer swing ride, it has a device height of 5.5m. This height is not too tall. So this size Frisbee ride can be installed indoors. Therefore, this amusement facility has a high flexibility. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.
  • Colorful led lights and color schemes. LED lights are evenly equipped on a Frisbee roller coaster. The support frames, the gondolas, the spindle, and the decorations all have led lights. Additionally, the color schemes make the equipment eye-catching. We can also design a color scheme as you require.
  • Dual safety device. A hammer fair ride has the basic safety device, shoulder-type safety bar. In addition, our factory also equip the facility with a safety belt.