Fruit Flying Chair Ride

Capacity Area Size Voltage Power Volume Customized Service
16 People φ9m*5mH 380V 3KW 18CBM Acceptable

Fruit flying chair ride is a wholly new carnival swing ride for sale. Compared with a 36-seater big swing ride, this fruit swing carousel is small in size and capacity. Furthermore, due to the cartoon watermelon modelling chairs and fruit decorations on the center pillar and cornice, people especially the little ones of families really love this type of amusement park swing ride for sale.

Where do you want to install a fruit chair carousel ride?

Do you have an idea of how large the installation place is? The venue size influences whether it’s feasible to install a fruit chair swing ride. As you know, visitors’ seats will rotate around the center pillar under centrifugal force. Hence, in order not to affect the surroundings, you should take the rotary diameter and the device height of a swing amusement ride into consideration before the installation.

By and large, our company’s fruit flying chair ride is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. As long as the ground is firm and plane, a chain carousel is able to be placed. Therefore, public places, such as amusement parks, shopping malls, theme parks, carnivals, adventure parks, squares, kindergartens, schools, fairs, parks, family entertainment centers, etc., all are suitable for a fruit chair carousel.

Special features of a fruit swing carousel

  • Adorable design. Fruit element is embodied in this type of carnival swing ride for sale. The passenger seat looks like a fresh watermelon. Besides, a wide variety of fruit decorations, such as grapes, strawberries, lemons, apples, etc., are on the cornice and the center pillar.
  • Colorful paint. The exterior shell of the fruit FRP model is bright and colorful. Passengers riding a swing ride can feel as if they are in a fruit world.
  • Safe ride experience. A watermelon can only take one people. Besides, each seat is equipped with a safety bar and a safety belt to keep passenger’s safety.