Pink Ant Tourist Train for Sale

Type Capacity Customized Service Cabin Power Overall Vehicle Size Warranty
Track train 36 People Acceptable 3 cabin Battery/Diesel 20.5*1.1*2(m) 1 Year

Amusement Park Train for Sale in Dinis Show Room
Customized Pink Ant Tourist Train for Sale

Pink ant tourist train for sale has adorable appearance and cute color. It is our factory’s new model amusement equipment track train. With a stable operation and attractive design, our ant ride on train with track is popular with adults and children alike.

Customizing tourist trains for sale based on your needs

As an amusement park train manufacturer, we give our customers a wide selection of train rides for sale, including all kinds of trackless trains for sale and train track ride. And if needed, we also offer satisfying customized service. In fact, this adorable pink ant tourist train for sale was designed according to our customer’ needs.


We can change the color of our train for sale for free. Feel free to let us your needs. So that we can change the tourist train to the color you want, just like this pink electric train for sale. By the way, do you know why our carnival trains for sale look so bright and smooth? That’s because we paint our carnival trains with professional automobile paint in independent paint room.

Locomotive design:

We are a high-tech enterprise, using sophisticated equipment to produce quality amusement trains for sale, such as bending machine. By using this machine, we can change steel into any shape we want. As for a common amusement park train for sale, its locomotive is made of steel. Therefore, we can designed and produced this unique ant queen outdoor train ride for our customer.


In addition to the locomotive design, we also offer several cabin types of park train ride to you. Open-style cabin, fully-enclosed cabin, and semi-closed cabin, which one do you like? Our advice is that you can take local weather and foot traffic of business premises into consideration. Want to know accurate advice? Feel free to contact us. We will give you the best and expert advice. Furthermore, we can increase or decrease the cabin if needed.

Power source:

As for a kiddie train ride, like an elephant kiddie train for sale or a Christmas mall train, it is usually powered by rechargeable batteries or AC. While as for a theme park train that is popular with people of all ages, its power source is usually rechargeable battery or diesel, depending on the type of train ride for sale.

Best places to install pink ant train track ride

A pink ant tourist train for sale is a type of train track ride. It needs to lay track. Therefore, outdoor entertainment places, such as parks, squares, scenic spots, farms, pastures, etc., are the best venues. But it does not mean you can not install a train with track indoors. As long as you prepare the layout of the train ride in the indoor area, people can also enjoy the fantastic train ride experience in indoor public areas. The ride on train with track is the classic train model suitable for shopping complex.

As a result, pink ant tourist train for sale is a type of amusement park train, theme park train, carnival train for sale, mall train, backyard train for sale, beach train, etc. Are you interested in it? Send inquiry to us!

Video of Pink Ant Queen Train Track Ride