Ceiling Net Bumper Car

Type Capacity Size Working Time Material Customized Service
Electric Dodgem 2 Persons 1.9*1.1*0.9m No Time Limit FRP+Steel Acceptable

Ceiling Net Electric Bumper Car for Adults
Electric Ceiling of Bumper Car for Sale

Ceiling net bumper car belongs to the category of electric bumper cars for adults. It is a type of traditional, classic amusement ride in the world. And in recent years, although many investors choose the modern and fashionable dodgems, ground-grid bumper cars for sale and battery bumper cars for sale, the ceiling electric dodgem still takes an important place in the market. Because there are still a group of people, especially the older generation, who prefer a traditional skynet bumper car among different types of bumper cars.

And here are three reasons why people love a ceiling dodgem ride.

  1. A ceiling bumper car is the childhood memory for several generations. So passengers can get a nostalgic feeling when riding the dodgem.
  2. In terms of the appearance, the biggest difference between the two electric bumper cars (a ceiling net bumper car, a floor-grid bumper car) is that there is a rod attached to the rear of a ceiling dodgem. The rod plays an important role in the running of a skynet electric bumper car for sale. Additionally, the rod is the key to attract many visitors.
  3. A ceiling-grid dodgem car has the fastest speed among all types of bumper cars for sale in our company. So people who pursue the speed and passion must love the equipment!

Is it safe to ride a ceiling bumper car?

The answer is certainly yes! If the bumper car is dangerous for visitors, how can it be so popular with the public? Do you worry that passengers standing on the bumper car track may get an electric shock? Never mind! For a ceiling grid bumper car, it accesses power through the ceiling and floor. The rod that is attached to the rear of the car connects the ceiling to the ground. As the bumper car moves, the rod draw electrical energy or electrical signals from the supply network through a sliding contact device on the top of the rod. As a result, the ceiling and the floor form a current loop. The ceiling net is high and passenger standing on the ground can not touch it. So rest assured of the safety of players.