Inflatable Bull Ride

Capacity Bull Size Age Group Warranty Customized Service
1 People 2.2*1.2*1.6m Over 8 Years Old 1 Year Acceptable

Inflatable bull ride is also known as a mechanical rodeo bull or a bull ride machine for sale. This equipment originates from the Spanish bullfighting. When players ride on the back of the bull, the rodeo bull machine will spin side to side, or go up and down. It seems that the mechanical bull tries its best to throw riders to the ground. Such an intense motion makes the bull ride for sale challenging. And riders can challenge themselves and be braver after riding a fake bull. As a professional mechanical bull manufacturer, we promise that our mechanical bull for sale of quality is worth the investment.

Features of our mechanical bull inflatable for sale

  • Unlike other large amusement park thrill rides such as a top spin fair ride, a family coaster for sale, etc., although a riding bull for sale is a thrill ride, it occupies a small area. Hence, mechanical bull rides are suitable for almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.
  • It’s easy to install a bucking bull ride according to the installation instruction we send you. Therefore, 15 minutes are enough to finish the assembly.
  • Our simulation bull modelling is vivid, attractive for visitors.
  • Our mechanical bull riding adventure game is safe for riders. The inflatable mat protect riders from injury.
  • The rotating speed of our mechanical bucking bull is adjustable by the control cabinet. You can change the speed to fit players of different ages.
  • After buying a mechanical bull, you can start your own business with the equipment. Also, you can use the bull ride to run a hire and rental business.
  • Each set of our inflatable bull ride contains a blower, a mechanical bull, a control cabinet, and an inflatable mat.
  • We provide you with customized service. Whether you want to customize the color or size of the bull or mat, or want a logo, we can meet your needs.

How Much Does a Mechanical Bull Cost?

Inflatable bull ride delivers thrills and laughter to guests of all ages. In addition, investing in this commercial mechanical bull for sale can be an incredibly lucrative addition to your entertainment business. Before buying a mechanical bull, it’s essential to understand the costs involved, the benefits for business owners, and the potential return on investment. As a mechanical bull manufacturer, we’re here to provide you with an in-depth look at the financial side of this thrilling ride.

Pricing range of inflatable bull riding & tailoring to your preference

How much is a bull riding machine? Generally, the usual cost of a complete set of inflatable mechanical bull for sale falls in the range of $2,000 to $3,200. The size of the rodeo bull machine, the dimensions of the safety padding surrounding it, as well as various customizable options can affect the final price. Additionally, different versions of the mech bull are available at our company. Each is at a different price point to accommodate your budget and specific needs. Also if needed, we can sold the bull machine for sale separately.

Bulk deals of mechanical bull sales & rental revenue

From a business perspective, if you purchase multiple bull ride machine units from us, we can give you a considerable discount. Buying electric bull for sale in bulk not only reduces your initial investment cost of mechanical bull but also opens up avenues for additional income. By operating the rodeo bull rides yourself or renting them out to various clients, you can quickly generate significant rental fees. Additionally, we’re here to provide expert advice on setting a per-ride price for your guests, ensuring your investment pays off.

Calculating your return on investment, daily, weekly, monthly

Investing in an inflatable bull ride for sale isn’t only about the immediate excitement it adds to your venue. It’s also about the impressive return on investment (ROI) potential. As you know a blow up mechanical bull is cost-effective. Unlike other mechanical rides, such as worm kiddie coasters and viking ship rides, a commercial bull ride game costs much less. By assessing the daily, weekly, and monthly return, you’ll get a clear picture of how soon your investment will start paying off. With the right pricing strategy and marketing efforts, your bull machine can quickly become one of the most profitable attractions you offer.

In summary, the mechanical cost is affordable for most investors who want to make money with the machine. The mechanical bull for sale price is influenced by a multitude of factors, including the specifications of the equipment, additional customization services, shipping fees, taxes, and available discounts. But when you choose to invest in an inflatable bull ride, you’re not just purchasing a piece of equipment, you’re investing in a lucrative and entertaining venture.

Are you ready to welcome the wave of success with an automatic bull? Reach out to us today with any questions or discuss the specifics of your riding bull for sale needs. Let’s turn excitement into profit! We help make your business the talk of the town with the best mechanical bull! Let’s keep your guests coming back for more!

Video of Mechanical Bull Ride