Mini Shuttle

Area Size Track Length Track Height Voltage Power Capacity Customzied
16*10m 72m 2m 380V 8KW 20 People Acceptable

Mini shuttle is a new type of rail amusement ride. You can also call it a mini roller coaster that is specially for children. And due to the interchange track design, you can also call a mini shuttle a climbing mountain car ride. By and large, a set of shuttle ride consists of ten separate gorgeous passenger carriages, which make up of a mighty fleet of sports cars. Furthermore, ten cars run simultaneously along the track direction with the help of automatic steering system. Such a wonderful amusement attraction entices people, especially children, to play the game. So don’t miss this fun entertainment equipment if you plan to run a children’s amusement park business.

Features of mini shuttle rail amusement ride

  • High quality material: We use firm and strong national Q235 steel to make the track and chassis of cars, and use quality fiber reinforced plastics to produce the car model. So our mini shuttle is durable, fadeless and has a long service life.
  • Colorful led lights: There are colorful LED lights on the outward side of the long track. At night, cars of the shuttle ride running on the track look like real cars shuttling across a bright overpass.
  • Different designs of cabins: To meet the favor of kids, we have designed many types of passenger cabins that are in designs of cartoon characteristics. The animal cabins (hippo,squirrel,elephant,rabbit,wild boar,frog,snake,bee, tiger,rhinoceros,insect, etc.), car cabins, high-speed rail cabins, and the like are popular with kids.
  • Free combination of cabins: Free combination of these cartoon cabins is feasible at our company. So feel free to tell us your needs. Additionally, children can choose their favorite cabin designs before they ride the equipment.
  • Four wheels: Different from other rail amusement rides, such as disco ride, surf’s up ride, wacky worm coaster, etc., passenger cabin of a mini shuttle kiddie amusement attraction is equipped with wheels, just like a real car.