Trampoline Park for Sale

Size Design Material Capacity Certification Warranty
Customzied According to your area Steel, oxford, PE, etc. Depending on trmapoline size CE, TUV, ASTM 3 Years

Similar to soft indoor playground, trampoline park for sale is a recreation center that is usually set up indoors. So an indoor jumping trampoline business can be open to the public at anytime. Additionally, a trampoline park does not simply consist of trampolines. Actually this kind of indoor park offers a variety of activities such as foam pits and basketball hoops, providing a fun, active experience. Furthermore, these parks cater to a wide range of guests, from children to adults. Hence, trampoline park business for sale is profitable. Want to start an indoor trampoline park? Here are details on the project for your reference.

Common Components in a Trampoline Park for Sale

As you know, the major part of a trampoline jump park is trampoline. But do you know how to attract more customers to patronize your indoor trampoline business? The key is to diversify the activities of your park. In fact, various activities can offer your customers a better and fun experience. Therefore, when making a trampoline park layout, you should take other components into consideration. If you have no idea, you can ask the indoor trampoline park design manufacturing company to help you make a satisfactory trampoline park design. Here are some common components that you can add to your trampoline park.

This is the central area of a bounce indoor trampoline park. Usually it consists of several interchanges trampolines and banked walls that allow people to jump freely. The attraction is fit for children, youths, and adults alike.

Foam pit trampoline is necessary. It is a large pit filled with soft foam cubes where individuals can jump from trampolines, allowing for safe landings. Also people can practice various flips ans somersaults.

This is an area that combines trampolines with basketball. The basketball hoops are next to trampolines. Guests can jump high in the area and make slam dunks with the help of the bounce.

Trampoline park dodgem courts are a great attraction for guests to use their trampoline skills to dodge projectiles and outmaneuver their opponents. This activity adds a new level of challenge to the game, attracting more customers to your jumping trampoline park.

It is a balance challenge where participants walk along a narrow, flexible strap anchored above trampolines.

Sticky wall is an amusing activity recently popular in trampoline parks. In this game, participants wear specially made sticky suits and then use the bounce of the trampoline to jump and attempt to stick to a wall covered with a sticky material.

Inspired by the TV show American Ninja Warrior, a giant trampoline park for sale may consists of challenging Ninja courses. Theses obstacle courses can test agility, strength, and balance, popular with youths and adults.

Who is the target user of your trampoline park business? People who simply want recreation and relaxation? Yes, you’re right. But there is also a group of people who want to practice professional-level flips and acrobatic jumps. In that case, you can plan out a professional jump zone for those people.

Some trampoline parks have rooms where the trampolines extend up the walls, providing an opportunity to bounce off the walls. Everyone can be the Spider Man.

In addition to trampolines, some parks feature climbing walls to further diversify the range of activities.

A section with arcade games for those taking a break from jumping or for non-jumpers.

For safety, you can arrange a separate area for younger children to jump. This way, parents can rest assured that their kids are having fun in a safe environment.

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