Outdoor Playground for Kids

Age Range Material Applicable Place Customzied Service Warranty
2-15 Years Old Plastic+Steel Mall, playground, yard, park, school, etc. Acceptable 1 Year

Outdoor playground for kids is our company’s wholly new and comprehensive equipment set. According to children’s interests and characteristics, our playground sets contain various facilities, such as doors, bridges, slides, roofs, stairs, ladders, climbers, ropes, etc. Furthermore, the play set combines the feature of fitness and entertainment. Children can exercise their body, get physical and mental pleasure, and improve their ability of balance, coordination, and creativity. Here are details on the fun outdoor playground for your reference.

What’s the outdoor playground price?

Actually, the price of a set of outdoor playground for kids depends on the design and size. In our company, you can find a wide variety of best outdoor play sets in different combinations and sizes. Generally speaking, the price of an outdoor kids playground set ranges from $1,000 to $7,500. The exact price depends on which type you choose. Welcome to contact us to get a free catalogue.

Customized outdoor playground equipment

As you know, an outdoor playground for sale makes up of different components. You can add or move any components on different positions. Therefore, in addition to the existing combinations of outdoor play sets, we can provide you with customized designs according to your needs and venue.

What kind of places can you put a set of child’s playground equipment?

As you know, an outdoor playground for kids does not occupy a large area like a top spin carnival ride, family coaster, etc. So it has a wide usage and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places. You can choose a right size playset for kids based on the venue. And by and large, you can place children’s outdoor playground sets in indoor commercial amusement parks, trampoline parks, sports parks, kids cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, residential areas, backyards, kindergartens, kids hospitals, shopping malls, resorts, farms, daycare centers, home kids zones, gardens, preschools, etc.