Dragon Roller Coaster

Area Size Track Height  Capacity  Customzied Power Voltage
24*12m 2.5m 18People Acceptable 5KW  380V

Dragon roller coaster is a mini roller coaster for amusement park. Due to the small footprint, this mechanical ride produced by ARM can be installed in indoor and outdoor places, such as amusement park, adventure park, yard, farm, mall, playground, fair, etc. So it also has another name, children’s backyard roller coaster.

Unique design

A dragon roller coaster ride uses “Chinese dragon” element in its entire shape design. The front car of the coaster is a vivid dragon head modeling. The middle several cockpits make up of a dragon body. And the final cockpit is set as a dragon tail. From the side view, the whole coaster train looks like a flexible dragon. The domineering dragon design has attracted the attention of many visitors, especially kiddies. Besides, there are many colorful LED lights on the dragon coaster. At night, the lights dazzle, making the facility be an anchor attraction in playgrounds and parks.

Operating principle

In terms of the operating principle, the dragon coaster ride has two transmission parts at the front and rear to complete self-driving. It runs along the irregular spiral curved track. Sometimes it soars into the sky, sometimes it dives into the sea. Passengers sitting in the carriage can feel as if they are riding on a cloud like a free dragon. Therefore, the thrilling and exiting experience makes people hooked.

Worth the investment

Are you looking for interesting amusement attractions for your park? Do you want to attract more children to visit your business? If so, don’t miss the dragon wagon roller coaster! Under the protection of safety belts and safety handrails, riders will get a thrilling and fun experience in a very safe environment. And thanks to the design of the track, a dragon wagon roller coaster is suitable for children to enjoy, same as a wacky worm kiddie coaster. If your park has already had some moderate amusement attractions, then why not considering adding this dragon adventurous ride to your park? The adrenaline kiddie ride can not only increase the foot traffic to your park, but also create more fun.

Video of Dragon Roller Coaster