Pirate Ship Ride Operation Tips

Pirate ship ride for sale is also known as a viking ride or a rocking boat ride. It is a common and popular amusement attraction at amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, playgrounds and other public places. For our amusement park boat ride, it is large in size and complex in structure. Therefore, to give visitors an exciting and safe experience, we equip the ship attraction with three security measures. Additionally, if you want the swinging ship ride to last longer, you should pay attention to the right operation and maintenance method of the equipment. Here are operation tips for pirate ship ride and the causes and solutions of normal faults of this boat ride, for your reference.

3 Security Measures for Pirate Ship Amusement Ride

Operation Tips for Pirate Ship Ride

  • First, you need to check that the pirate ship boat ride is in good condition. Then check whether the main power supply is turned on. Insert the key, and confirm that the red light is on.

  • Next, press the electronic “Control Circuit” button on the control cabinet and confirm that the yellow light is on.

  • Secondly, you need to check whether the safety bar switch is normal and whether the green light is normal.

  • Confirm that the safety bar is normal and has been pressed in place.

  • Confirm that the emergency stop button and start button are normal.

  • Carry out trial operation before official operation. If there is any problem, suspend the pirate ship attraction and deal with the problem in time.

Causes and Solutions of 3 Common Faults of Swinging Ship Ride


High intensity and long time operation will cause the wear of the pirate ship swing ride. As the equipment is in operation, some faults may occur. Here are causes and solution of three common faults of a ride on pirate ship attraction for your reference.

The pirate ship suddenly stops during operation.

This fault may be caused by a power outage, tripping or poor circuit contact. If so, you should check the power supply and electrical cabinet circuits. First, turn off the power supply. Then, re-inspect the circuits. Finally, carry out a no-load test on the swing boat ride. Restart your business only if the ship ride can run normally.

The pirate ship pendulum ride cannot rise during operation.

Serious wear of the pulley on the pushing device may cause the fault. You can replace the pulley.

The pirate ship ride makes abnormal noises during operation.

This failure may be caused by the dryness of the contact points of various parts. You should add lubrication to the contact points of each part.

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