Powerless Slide Rail Ride

Area Size Height Material Type Customization Warranty
13mL*7mW 4.5m Steel Non-electrical Available 12Months

Powerless Slide Rail Ride for Families
Backyard Zip Line Ride for Children

Powerless slide rail ride is a small-version of zipline roller coaster. Different from the Zip Line which is often available in scenic spots, and mountain areas, the powerless slide rail is more fit for children’s amusement parks, playgrounds, backyards, schools, and even indoor entertainment centers.

Unpowered slide rail ride — Great family-friendly amusement park attraction!

This type of zip line amusement attraction requires parental involvement just like other powerless amusement park rides, such as pedal-powered backyard roller coaster, non-electric mini pendulum ride, and unpowered kiddie swing boat ride. Beside the slide, there is a pedal bicycle. By pedaling, a passenger cabin can be elevated to the highest point through the chain drive. Then, passengers will glide along the hanging track due to inertia and gravity.

This parent-child interactive entertainment equipment can foster emotional connections, build mutual trust, and enhance communication between participants. Therefore, if you are planning to build a children’s amusement park, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this no-power amusement attraction. It will help your park attract and retain more families.

Are small zip line roller coasters only for children?

Of course not! Our powerless slide rail ride can accommodate only one person at a time. Additionally, it is recommended for kids aged three and above. However, to extend the joy to a broader audience, our company use sturdy materials to produce the equipment. Thus, individuals weighing up to 160kg can fully enjoy the experience. Whether it’s family, friends, or lovers, our small zip line for sale promises fun for various groups.

Is this non-electrical slide rail zipline safe for riders?

Yes, of course it is safe. No need to stress about the safety of the riders when they enjoy DINIS powerless slide rail ride! Here’s why it’s a safe option, especially for children.

  • Highest point: The highest point of this electricity-free amusement equipment is only 4.5 meters off the ground. However, you know that the chains connecting the passenger cabin to the hanging track also has a certain length. As a result, even at the highest point, the position of the passenger from the ground is far less than 4.5 meters, which is safe and moderate for riders. The design ensures that the height, while thrilling, doesn’t pose a risk to younger riders.

  • Speed: Unlike mechanical amusement rides such as mouse coaster ride or caterpillar coaster kiddie ride, kid-friendly zip line rides for sale operate without any electricity. It relies solely on inertia and gravity for movement. This means that its speed is naturally regulated and doesn’t reach the high velocities seen in mechanical rides. Hence, parents can totally relax while their kids have a blast,

  • Safety measures: Last but not least, to keep riders in position during the ride, we equip the seat with a seat belt. The addition of seat belts is a critical safety feature that ensures riders remain securely seated throughout the duration of their adventure on the zipline.

In summary, between the carefully calculated height, the natural speed regulation through inertia and gravity, and the added protection of seat belts, this non-electrical slide rail ride is a safe and enjoyable attraction for children and adults alike.

What’s the material of this small-version zip line slide ride?

Overall, the materials used for this powerless amusement park equipment — slide rail zip line ride include durable, corrosion-resistant metals (galvanized steel pipe, and treated stainless steel, coated chain). These materials further enhance our product’s durability and safety, making it highly suitable for outdoor recreational facilities.

In short, powerless slide rail ride will certainly be the anchor attraction of a park. Also it’s a good choice to install this small zip line ride in your backyard. This equipment must be the best gift for your kids. Feel free to send inquiry to us at any time.