Double-side Mini Ferris Wheel

Area Size Height Voltage Power Capacity Volume
8*8 m 7 m 380 V 9/11 KW 20/24 Passenger 40 HQ

Same with a single-face mini Ferris wheel for sale, a double-side mini Ferris wheel is also a type of kids Ferris wheel. But compared with a sing-face wheel, a double Ferris wheel ride occupies a larger area size. Because this mini kiddie ride has two back-to-back cabins. Therefore, you can choose a suitable one from the two sizes of mini Ferris wheel rides for sale according to the space area.

Besides, each side of the equipment is available with 5 fancy cabins or 6 colorful cabins. Each cabin can carry 2 people. So parents can accompany their children and enjoy the memorable family time together. Totally speaking, a double face mini Ferris wheel ride is capable of carrying 20 or 24 passengers. If your business has a heavy foot traffic, a double-sided small giant wheel ride is a better choice than a single face mini carnival wheel ride.

Moreover, because of the feature of double-sided cabins, as the cabins rotate from the bottom to the top around a horizontal axis, passengers can get a bird’s-eye view of their surrounding scenery from two directions in a very safe environment.

Materials of double-side mini Ferris wheel

Our gondolas are made from high quality FRP (fiber-reinforced plastics). This material features lightness, anti-corrosion, and high strength. Each cabin has a safety door and safety belts to protect passengers’ safety and stability. As for the chassis and center brace, they are steel frame, which is very strong and firm. In addition, we equip the kiddie rotating ride with many colorful LED lights. At night, all the lights flicker, creating a great impression on visitors. By the way, customized service is available at our company. If you want to change the cabins color or want to add cartoon stickers to the center brace, we can meet your needs! So feel free to let us know your needs.