Adult Bumper Car

Capacity Type Material Light Warranty Cusomized Service
2 Persons Battery/Electric FRP+Steel+Rubber LED 1 Year Acceptable

Adult Bumper Car Business in Park
Different Types of Portable Bumper Car for Sale

Bumper car is suitable for people of all ages. Kids, adults, the older all can not resist the charm of the dodge. This interactive and sharing activity involves much more people playing together. Riders collide with each other and enjoy the exciting collision. For adults, bumper car is a fun activity to release their pressure from life and relax themselves. So if you run a bumper car business, adults must be the major target groups of your business! As an expert bumper car manufacturer, we have designed and produced a wide variety of bumper cars for adults. Generally, adult bumper cars are a type of two-person amusement ride. And we also have one-person adult bumper car. So an adult can drive the bumper car alone or with his or her friends, families, kids, or lovers.

Different types of adult bumper cars for sale

Both battery operated adult bumper cars for sale and electric bumper cars for adults are available at our company. You can choose a suitable type according to the actual situation.

Battery bumper cars for adults

A battery operated bumper car includes a shoe bumper car and an inflatable bumper car. They can run on any smooth surfaces. Hence, battery dodgems are a good choice for mobile business.

  • For a shoe dodgem, the design of a stream-lined car body is the most common and classic. Furthermore, the exterior shell and backrest are embedded with many colorful LED lights. At night, the bumper car track will attract more visitors.
  • An inflatable bumper car contains an ice bumper car ride and a challenger rubber dodgem ride. The anti-collision ring of an inflatable batter bumper car decreases the impact of collision, and makes the collision safer.

Electric ride on bumper car for adults

There are two types of electric bumper cars, one is a ceiling-net dodgem ride, the other is a ground-grid electric bumper car. Both require a special floor. So electric bumper cars are suitable for fixed installation sites, such as parks, parking lots, amusement parks, shopping centers, theme parks, etc.