Miami Ride for Sale

Capacity Power Voltage Cover Area Customization Warranty
6-20 people 10-28 kw 380 v According to seats Acceptable 1 Year

Miami ride for sale is a kind of amusement park thrill ride. It is also known as wave up ride. Because of its unique movement and design, the equipment is attractive for both children and adults. Additionally, there are miami rides for sale of different sizes and capacities, ranging from 6 people to 20 people. Hence, any indoor or outdoor public areas are possible to install a miami fairground ride.

Here is the details on this family-friendly thrilling ride.

Is there a need to add a miami ride to your park?

Do you know a successful amusement park should have what kind of amusement attractions?

  • First of all, classic carousel ride, bumper cars for sale, sightseeing train ride and self-control airplane ride are must-haves if you want families with children to patronize your park.
  • Furthermore, a well-received entertainment park cannot do without large, thrill rides for sale. A Ferris wheel or a sky drop ride is the symbol of your park. While a miami ride for sale, a type of spin ride and rotary ride, is also indispensable. The miami trip ride is an ungraded version of flying carpet ride. Its gondola is a long row of seats, which is special. As the miami thrill ride is in operation, its whole movement is performed in a plane perpendicular to the ground. In addition, the rotating arms drive the gondola to rotate around and up and down. So passengers can get a unique and memorable experience.
  • Last but not least, in today’s market, an amusement park combining both mechanical rides and unpowered amusement equipment can increase more tourists. Colorful rainbow slide, indoor soft playground, bounce jumping cloud equipment all are popular non-electrical family-friendly amusement equipment.

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How much you can make on the miami funfair equipment in an hour?

A miami wave ride is a cost-effective investment. How much you can make on the equipment in an hour depends on the machine’s capacity and the foot traffic of your park. As for a 20-seat super miami ride for sale, it can accommodate 20 people at a time. Besides, the duration of play time is around 3 minutes. As a result, if your park has a heavy foot traffic, then the ideal hourly tourist received of a miami fair ride can be 400 people. Imagine how profitable the miami carnival ride will be!

Video of Miami Ride