Inflatable Bull Ride Safe for Players

Mechanical bull rides have a great charm for the public. Because the design concept of this bull ride game is originated from Bull Riding, an exciting rodeo activity. The simulation movement makes the rider feel as if they are riding on the back of a real bull. As the blow up bull spins left and right, and goes up and down, riders try their best to hold the rein and keep themselves on the back of a mechanical bull. But it seems that the cray bull ride also tries its best to throw riders over the ground. It makes the equipment to be a thrill ride. Here comes the question, is a machine bull safe?

This problem concerns not only players, but also investors who want to buy mechanical bull. Well, as a professional mechanical bull manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience, we promise you that is is safe for players to ride the bull. When we design a mechanical bull for sale, we take the safety of passengers into consideration. The multi protection systems and devices offer players a safe environment to experience the thrill sensation from the inflatable bull ride. Here are three ways to protect riders’ safety for your reference.

Rotating speed of a machine bull for sale is adjustable


Our rodeo bull for sale can rotate in different directions, spin left and right, and go up and down. A variable-speed electric motor powers the bucking machine for sale. Sometimes the fake bull spins slowly, and then suddenly quickly, making the mechanical bull thrilling. Additionally, the rotating speed of mechanical bull sales is adjustable by the control box. Players can choose the speed level before they ride the bull. So even young children and beginner can try to enjoy the bull ride game. Furthermore, the machine operator can regulate the speed, also the spin direction to increase the fun and thrill of the bull ride machine for sale.

Detailed Components of Mechanical Bull Ride

Auto-stop system makes the mechanical bull for sale stop quickly


Our electric bull riding has a sensor. When a rider falls from the back of the bull, the bull riding machine for sale will stop automatically. Besides, our inflatable bucking bull has a “quick stop” motor. It allows the operator to safely control the machine and ensure passenger’s safety.

Inflatable mattress of bull machine ride protects riders from injury


Do you know why a mechanical bucking bull for sale is also an inflatable bull riding? That’s because the inflatable mattress is a major part of a set of mechanical rodeo bull. Around the fixed mechanical bull is a ring of inflatable cushion. Thanks to the mattress, players won’t get injured if they are thrown over the ground from the bull back. So they can be immersed in the bull ride game.

Mattress of Inflatable Bull Ride for Sale Keep Riders Safe

Is a machine bull safe? Now you must have a clear understanding of the question. To sum up, we have tested and debugged an inflatable mechanical bull several times before delivery. With the help of protective devices and padded flooring, and proper operation of the machine, believe that a mechanical bull riding for sale will bring you a heavy foot traffic and considerable benefits.