Frog Hopper Ride

Capacity Size Height Voltage Power Volume
6 People 6*5 m 7 m 380 V 10 KW 20 GP

The frog hopper ride, also called jumping frog, is a type of thrill amusement equipment that is suitable for kids to play. It is a compact version of a drop tower amusement ride. As the machine is in operation, the passenger cockpit, a row of seat that is frog-shaped rise and descend along the track. But different from a drop tower, the center tower body of a frog hopper carnival ride can not rotate. Besides, the device height of a frog hopper ride is much lower than that of a giant amusement park tower ride. Therefore, the ride experience is most suitable for kids.

Dual safety measures to protect kids’ safety

Safety is the primary concern of the public before attempting to enjoy an amusement attraction. How do we ensure kids’ safety and reassure their parents? Actually, our frog hopper facility for sale is equipped with dual safety measures, a safety belt and a lap-bar restraint. So kids will enjoy the moment in a very safe environment. Don’t worry about that.

Suitable places to install a frog jump ride

Due to the small footprint and low equipment height, a jumping frog ride is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places. Amusement park, adventure parks, shopping malls, resorts, hotels, city parks, theme parks, public playgrounds, kindergartens, daycare centers, backyards, etc., all are suitable to install a kid’s frog hopper ride.

How many people can a frog hopper ride take in an hour?

For an ARM frog hopper amusement attraction can carry 6 kids at a time. Besides, it only takes 3-4 minutes to experience the equipment. Hence, a jumping frog machine can carry around 90 people per hour in the ideal state. It means that the equipment can create a considerable income beyond your imagination! Moreover, it also means that you can break even on the investment within weeks. Don’t you want such a cost-effective attraction to help your business attract more families with the little one? Contact us to get the detailed info on the product!