Trackless Electric Train for Mall Business

Recently we have done a deal with Anna who wanted an electric mall train in Malaysia for shopping mall events. Because her mall had air quality standards. So an electric mall train was what she needed. Additionally, Anna wanted a mall train for sale to ferry visitors both indoors and outdoors. So a trackless mall train could meet her needs. According to Anna’s actual situation, we recommended three types of electric trackless train rides to her. Also she had a customized demand on her mall train and we satisfied her need for free. Here are details on the case for your reference.

3 Types of Electric Trains for Sale for Anna’s Mall in Malaysia

Crown electric mall train

The color scheme of our electric crown trackless train ride is red, black and golden, which is eye-catching. Additionally, this train is beautiful in design. On the one hand, a cartoon FRP royal soldier stands in the front of the locomotive, which is adorned with a crown FRP model. On the other hand, cornice of this type of trackless electric train is in crown-style.

As for the passenger capacity, a crown trackless mall train can carry 16 people. Its cabin is not as large as that of a tourists sightseeing train. So this size of electric train ride is more suitable for mall business.

Crown Trackless Train for Children
Crown Trackless Electric Train with LED lights
Hot-selling Antique Train Ride for Shopping Mall in Malaysia
Electric Antique Train Rides for Mall

Vintage train ride

The major color scheme of an antique ride on train is black and red. Other color schemes are also available for the train. And as for a usual vintage train set, it includes a locomotive, a coal bucket cabin and three common cabins. But if needed, we can change the coal bucket to a common cabin and vice versa. Besides, our vintage rideable electric train can carry 16-20 people. Also we can increase or decrease the cabin if you want. Furthermore, there is a chimney on the top of the locomotive, from which non-polluting smoke rises.

Animal kid train ride

As a professional train ride manufacturer, we have designed and produced different types of train rides for different age groups. Animal train ride is our special design for kids. And its size and scale is suitable for a mall business. We have an elephant trackless mall train and an ocean-themed shopping mall train. Both are bright in colour and adorable in design. Additionally, the trains are adorned with adorable animal-shaped FRP models, which makes them attractive for kids.

Trackless Ocean-themed Kiddie Train Ride for Mall
Ocean Themed Dolphin Train Rids for Parties

Anna’s Customized Demand on Her Electric Mall Train

Anna finally choose an antique train ride. She thinks a vintage train ride is suitable for her mall and visitors of all ages will love the design. After making a choice, Anna asked if we supported customized service.

  • The theme of her shopping mall event was pink. So Anna wanted us to change the train color into pink. We sent her a colour modulation plan, and Anna was happy with that. By the way, it’s free to change color scheme for our customers.
  • Anna also wanted us to add her mall logo to the train to make the train unique. Of course our company can do it. If you have the need, send us your logo pattern. This service is also free for our customers.

Finally, Anna’s shopping mall event was a complete success. And our electric mall train was well-received by visitors in Malaysia. So Anna was extremely satisfied with our mall train for sale. Furthermore, she promised that if later she needed amusement rides for mall, she would consider our company first.