Space Shuttle

Capacity Cabin Area Size Voltage Power Customized Service
20 Peope 10 Cars 8*16m 220/380V 7.5KW Acceptable

Space Shuttle Small Roller Coaster for Kids
Family-friendly Space Shuttle Kiddie Rail Amusement Ride

Space shuttle is also a space roller coaster. It is a simple version of a mini shuttle kiddie ride. From the name, you may guess that this type of amusement ride contains elements of the space, technology and future. So it is! A space shuttle usually includes ten passenger cabins that look like spacecrafts. And the side of the track has elements of space picture, which enhances the sense of the future of the equipment. Additionally, both the track and cabins have colorful LED lights. In the evening, the lights dazzle, which make the equipment look more like a real space shuttle.

Besides, the double-deck interchange track of the shuttle equipment is built on tilts. It looks like an irregular spiral orbit. As the machine is in operation, passengers in the cabins sometimes soar into the sky, sometimes dive into the sea, and sometimes make turns. Such an exciting and fun experience makes children linger.

Custom service for clients

As a manufacturer, we provide professional custom service for our clients. Requirements such as increasing or decreasing cabins, changing the color scheme, adjusting track size and length according to the actual situation, adding logo to the machine, and the like, all are feasible at our company. So feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

Can a space shuttle be installed indoors?

The answer is certainly yes. By and large, a space shuttle mechanical facility is suitable for almost any venue. Although it has a double-decker track, the maximum height of the track is only 2.5 meters above the ground. So this equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.

Other venues to place a shuttle ride

Venues like shopping malls, squares, parks, zoos, amusement parks, scenic spots, theme parks, resorts, adventure parks, farms, kindergartens, daycare centers, backyards, and residential quarters all are good choices to install a shuttle ride. We spray paints in different colors on the cabins of a space shuttle. The bright colors extremely attract families with the little ones.