Dinis Customer Bumper Car Arena

If you consider to start an amusement ride business, you can invest in bumper car business. Because both adult and kids love the fun activity. Additionally, bumper car business is potential and easy for novice investors. As a future manager, not only should you buy quality bumper cars for sale, but also have a comprehensive knowledge of bumping car ride. How to drive a bumper car is vital. Only when you know the right operation of dodgem, can you better guide the players. Here’s a guide for your reference.

Precautions before playing

Father Drive Bumper Car with His Daughter
Drive Inflatable Bumper Car on Ice

How to drive a bumper car safely?

  • Start the car: After understanding the controls, you probably already know how to start the car. As for battery dashing car, there is on/off keying on the car body. Once you press the button, you can drive a bumper car freely. As for electric bumper cars, they are powered from a floor or ceiling grid. When the operator starts the ride, power will be supplied to your car. Then you can use the steering wheel and pedal to drive bumper cars.

  • Steer the car: Use the steering controls to navigate around the floor. Aim to drive around, bumping into other cars gently, as that’s the main fun of the ride. Remember to be cautious and not to drive too aggressively, as the point is to have fun without hurting others or yourself.

  • Stop the car: When the ride is over, the operator will cut off the power. The car will come to a stop on its own. Wait until the operator gives you the signal before you unfasten your seatbelt and exit the car.

Bumper car rides aime to be safe and enjoyable. But the safety of customers cannot be separated from the supervision of regulators and players’ abidance by the rules. Hence, if you want a thriving bumper car business, pay attention to the safety of riders. Welcome to contact Dinis bumper car manufacturer if you are about to start a bumper cars business.

Drive bumper car indoors

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