Pirate Ship Ride Also Called Viking Ship Ride

The pirate ship equipment is a popular amusement park attraction that typically goes by several names, which can vary depending on the theme park or the manufacturer. Some common names for the pirate ship ride include:

  • Pirate Ship
  • Swinging Ship
  • Galleon
  • Sea Dragon
  • Viking Ship
  • Buccaneer

These rides are usually designed to resemble an old-fashioned real-life pirate ship or a Viking longship, and they swing back and forth on a pendulum, giving riders a sensation of sailing on rough seas. The specific name chosen for a 24-seat viking ship ride or a 40-seat swinging ship attraction might reflect the park’s overall theme or be customized to fit a particular branding strategy. If you’re looking to name your own ride or create a promotional slogan for a ride with a specific name, you can ask the pirate ship ride manufacturer to add a logo to the equipment.