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Are you interested in our products but concerned about the qualifications of our company or the after-sales service? Don’t worry about that. Here is a list of FAQ about ARM (amusement rides manufacturer) for your reference.

FAQ about Amusement Rides Manufacturer

A: Yes. We are a professional amusement ride manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience. Our factory is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. Additionally, we are specialized in researching, designing, producing, and selling of amusement rides. The double-decker carousel horse ride, dopamine merry-go-round ride, self-control swan bike ride, magic castle, etc., all are our company’s new arrivals. Warm welcome to send inquiry to us.

A: As a professional amusement ride manufacturer, we are good at producing not only family rides but also thrill rides. You can find more than one hundred of amusement rides in our factory, including train rides, bumper cars, carousels, self-control planes, flying chairs, disco rides, pirate ships, pendulum rides, Ferris wheels, etc. Each type of amusement attraction is our main product. By and large, our customers have a big demand for amusement train ride, bumper car, carousel and swing chair ride. What kind of amusement equipment do you want? Let us know.

A: Yes, of course! We have CE and other necessary certifications and our quality amusement rides for sale are European standard and can be used anywhere. Actually, we have done deals with customers from all over the world. So don’t worry about that.

A: Sure! Do you know Longines, a popular watch brand? We designed a unique customized Longines carousel ride according to their requirements. So if you have any needs, feel free to let us know.

Dinis Amusement Rides Manufacturer Factory

FAQ about Delivery & Installation

A: Friend, not to worry. The installation is easy. We will send you all the documents including installation videos, instructions, and training of your workers. Besides, if needed, we can dispatch engineers to your location to help you install and debug equipment. But you need to pay a related fee.

A: Certainly! Southeast Asia is one of our major markets. We have sold our amusement rides to countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the like. If you want to know details about the cases, contact us so that we share with you.

A: Generally speaking, we ship the products to the port nearest to your location by sea. And if needed, we can also ship the goods according to your requirements.

A: Don’t worry, friend. We will pack our goods tightly by using bubble film, non-woven fabric, and carton box. Additionally, different types of amusement rides have different ways of packing. And we ensure you that the goods you receive will be complete and intact.

Shipment of Amusement Rides by Sea

Now you may get to know us better. if you have a favored amusement ride, feel free to send inquiry to us! We can talk deeper on it.